Tears In The Rain (Blackwood, Britt, Robinson, Sheffield & Tekell)

Each year all the artists at Turtle Cove Studios get together for “Music Mayhem”. We rent a house at the beach and spend the weekend writing and producing music together. Sometimes it churns out something halfway decent – sometimes we just end up with headaches but it’s always fun. Hope you enjoy!

Music Mayhem Girls Kyle at Mayhem 2015-09-11 18.53.57 2015-09-12 13.52.16 2015-09-12 13.52.19 2015-09-12 13.52.34 2015-09-12 19.20.27 2015-09-12 20.07.35 2015-09-11 17.11.32

[soundcloud_ultimate track=https://soundcloud.com/turtlecovestudios/tears-in-the-rain]

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