The Wild Feathers

It’s not too often, honestly, when I hear something that really turns my ear.  Especially in the formulaic insta-hit culture that pervades modern music.  It may sound duplicitous for someone who’s desperately hoping for a hit to say that and I’m sure there are plenty who will jump to criticize me for it.  However, while watching a Premier Guitar Rig Rundown for the Wild Feathers that I was shocked.  I’m a gear-head.  A nerd by any definition of the word…but I heard this band and thought, “Wow! These guys have a sound that makes me happy.”

It’s Ryan Adams meets the Arctic Monkeys.  Great songwriting.  Great Harmonies.  Great chords.  Just great period.

Please take a few minutes to follow the group, spend a few a coins to see them live, buy an album or stream from your provider of choice.  It’ll be well worth your time.  Toes a’tappin’…feel good music.  Enjoy.

Let us know how you like them!

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